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BeeWaTec GmbH
Kunstmühlestraße 16
72793 Pfullingen

Tel. +49 7121-62 87
Fax +49 7121-62 87 16-499

Corporate philosophy
World is changing. Globalization and international cooperation determine our working environment and the way we think as never before. Fixed, rigid solutions designed “forever” are increasingly replaced by intelligent, flexible approaches that better satisfy the requirements of speedy production and reaction, as well the need for price squeezing in many areas. »Processes connected with flexibility« - we are committed to support you on your way to process optimization.

Company name:BeeWaTec GmbH
Affiliated companies:ANT-System GmbH; Haid GmbH & Co.KG
Subsidiaries:BeeWaTec s.r.o (Czeck Republic)
BeeWaTec Bt (Hungary)
Number of employees:approx. 119
throughout Europe, groupe)
Distribution channel:direct sales, field service, distributors, branch offices
Flexible system for all sectors of industry
As a medium-sized company BeeWaTec relies consequently on a continuous high standard of quality – this applies
for the production of our products as well as for the application of these systems at the customers’ plants.
Technical equipment is no longer a company’s most important capital - satisfied and committed staff members are a company’s driving force.
For this reason, topics such as the simplification and facilitation of daily working processes, ergonomics and health protection play an important role.
Well-known companies figure among the customer base of our corporate companies and its partners. Our
product portfolio enables you to create anything you want and in any industry sector you are working in – automotive industry, supplying industry, electrical industry or any general industry.
Therefore, we provide support along your way of process optimization: individual advice, engineering, supply of
kits and/or complete developments (e.g. work stations, material supply systems from warehouse to work station by
using tugger trains etc.), trainings and workshops, up to a highly-skilled international sales and service network.
Product portfolio
  • The BeeWaTec pipe racking system by G.S ACE opens up new ways of designing your ideas - from work stations to tugger trains - a versatile, flexible and above all high-quality kit system that allows you to implement your ideas quickly and simply.
  • With our own low cost AGV system, as well as our trailer systems, we offer tried and tested intralogistic solutions.
  • You will find a broad range of working aids for assembly work stations, for the workshop and for workflow management, all of which make use of the pipe racking system. Also we draw your attention to our Business Equipment catalogue, featuring an extensive programme of tables, work benches, cupboards, trolleys, chairs and so on.
  • Technical support and expert advice from our experienced staff, nationally and internationally
  • Planning support: construction of your projects and the drawing up of building plans
  • User training: workshops in your own plant or in our company – for a successful start with your system
  • Continuous Improvement: our kits are being continuously improved. We should also be pleased to design products, components or complete solutions especially for you!
TRUMPF • SIEMENS • DrägerSafety • Zeiss • Mahle Schmalz • Kärcher • ABB • Festo • Bosch Automotive Lighting • Volkswagen • Daimler Flextronics • etc.