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Schoeller Arca Systems GmbH

Rudolf Diesel-Straße 26

2700 Wiener Neustadt - Austria

Contact: ppa. Ing. Mag (FH) Martin Gansterer

P: +43 2622 20656 0

F: +43 2622 20656 21 Head office: Zwolle (The Netherlands)

E: info.neustadt@schoellerarca.com Global group turnover 2010: € 433 mio

W: www.schoellerarcasystems.at Employees (worldwide): approx. 1000



Operating in over 50 countries, Schoeller Arca Systems provides reliable, high quality plastic packaging systems and services. As an innovative and experienced development partner, we are committed to helping our customers reduce their overall logistics costs and enhancing product branding. Our systems are used in a broad variety of industry segments including, beverage, automotive, agriculture, retail distribution, postal services and pool providers. Through our own production facilities and selected licensee partners, we are able to combine a global presence with fruitful local partnerships.


At the core of our business is a relentless dedication to our customers’ needs. We help customers earn higher rates of return through the use of more efficient secondary packaging, and generate higher revenues through more effective product branding. We design and manufacture innovative, high-quality plastic solutions for industrial and commercial use, and we provide customers with services that enhance the value of our physical products. By the same token, we consult our suppliers on a regular basis and develop long-term relationships that foster innovation, stable production and deliveries.




Product range

Rigid pallet containers “BIG BOX” (1.200 x 800, 1.200 x 1.000)

Foldable large containers „MAGNUM“ (800 x 600, 1.200 x 800, 1.200 x 1.000).

Intermedia bulk container „COMBO“ for fluid handling

Euro containers, stackable containers (VDA R-/RL-KLT)

Stacknest containers „INTEGRA/ TELLUS“ with/ without (attached) lid

Nestable containers “SMALL BOXES”

Foldable small containers „PRELOG“

Plastic pallets „EOS“ and „BIPP“

Storage trays, modular & storage bins „SYSTEM 9000“

Customised solutions (workpiece carrier, inlays, dividers, inserts, blister packaging, …)





1. Agriculture

2. Automotive Industry

3. Beverage Industry

4. Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry

5. Postal Services

6. Fluid Handling

7. Food Processing

8. Pooling Services

9. Retailing

10. Recycling & Waste Management